If you work in an organisation that deals with social, commercial or financial planning – or any type of public policy planning – then you’ve got wicked problems. You may not call them by this name, but you know what they are. They are those complex, ever changing societal and organisational planning problems that you haven’t been able to treat with much success, because they won’t keep still. They’re messy, devious, and they fight back when you try to deal with them. This paper describes the notion of wicked problems (WPs). It presents the ten criteria they use to characterise WPS, and describes how general morphological analysis (GMA) can be used to structure and analyse such problems complexes. Tom Ritchey. 2005 (2013). Structuring Social Messes with Morphological Analysis. Swedish Morphological Society. http://www.amg.swemorph.com/pdf/amg-2-1-2013.pdf