Profound transformation is underway from postmodern to complex societies since the 1990’s. It carries negative connotation that society became too complicated to comprehend. Efforts of mainstream science to decomplexify the view of social reality using methodological simplifications result in further complication. We insist that complex reality must be comprehended in a complex way. We begin by comparing alternative frames for studying complex phenomena: simple, systemic, chaotic and evolutionary. Comparison provides elements needed to outline complex methodology of research. It is founded on the incommensurability of social concerns. These can be comprehended from a meso level in marginal overlaps between evaluation domains of their vertical and horizontal meaning axis. Evaluation applies hybrid analytical categories with bi-modal content which are embedded in their polarities. Methodology is tested with three case studies, resolving problems of aggregation, integration, and organisation, to illustrate its holistic potentials, develop it further and discuss implications for ordering social relations. (Abstract). 
Social complexity, Incommensurability of values, Mesoscopic thinking, Hybrid categories, Triadic logic (Key words)