To meet the demands of citizens, public leaders need to provide for 3 main things: Accountability, Effectiveness, Co-operation. K. Kerswell, DG for civil service reform in @ Public Leaders Summit (Guardian, 28.I.13). Disagree!

1. Procedurally high accountability of public leaders is empty in substance if overall welfare is systematically declining.
2. Effectiveness is poor evaluation criteria unless policy goals are strictly consistent. As this is not the case, indirect impacts and secondary costs become hugely important for evaluation. In this case, multilevel evaluation is needed: policy measure shall be the first cost efficient, then goal effective and finally also synergistic. Synergy enables achievement of opposing goals in a cooperative way, and also it achieves goals with lower long term (negative external) costs.
3. Finally, leaders in public sector should primarily improve ability for coordination between different sectors of the government. Model of cooperation needs to be modified, where different sectors and legitimate values are integral as equally important, respected and taken into account in shared evaluation and decision-making. (Bojan Radej)