ADER – The Association for Development of Evaluation in Romania and SiES –Slovenian Evaluation Society have met in Bucharest on 9. X. 2013 with the aim to discuss preparation of a training program for evaluators in the Balkan region. The meeting has been financed by IOCE – International Organisation for Cooperation in Evaluation’s facility P2P. IOCE has published a call under its P2P initiative. It aims to encourage formation of mutually beneficial partnerships between evaluation communities. The P2P Program is an integral part of the EvalPartners Initiative. The P2P program offers an innovative approach to strengthening evaluation capabilities by taking advantage of and maximizing capacities and experiences within the global community. The program encourages two or more evaluation communities to form partnerships with each other to help each other to strengthen their capacities to strengthen institutional capacities, to strengthen enabling environments for evaluation, to strengthened evaluation capacities and adopt principles of equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluation.